Insurance Savings Product

We Insure. You Save.

Insurance is that one thing you must have, because things do go wrong unexpectedly – and when they do, the financial implications can be disastrous if you’re not insured. For close on 50 years, we’ve tailored our solution using the traditional method of working with insurance brokers to sell to our customers, face-to-face, the best advice and protection they deserve. We understand, though, that some of you may want to purchase your motor and household insurance online, as you do with many of your other purchases these days. And at the same time, to unlock enhanced value in your insurance spending while also having greater control of your policy.

That’s the dilemma that our Insurance Savings product, powered by Solvency, solves.

Solvency provides a seamless way for your motor and household insurance premiums  to be used to create an interest-bearing investment for YOU, and not us ! It provides flexible insurance cover for motor, household contents, building and your valuable gadgets and assets – along with digital self-service and transparency via the Solvency App to track your policy.

Our Solvency product is sold via