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COVID – 19 Contacts

Durban Office

Nadhia Mahomed                                                                                                                       0313342063
Riaz Rajab                                                                                                                                          0313342033
Zahid Moolla                                                                                                                                  0313342065
Zeenat Khan                                                                                                                                 0313342068
Shalini Jacobs                                                                                                                              0313342051
Althaf Rajab                                                                                                                                   0313342048
Akhtar Mahomed                                                                                                                        0313342050
Vicky Lakhraj                                                                                                                                 0313342077
Nirmala Singh                                                                                                                           0313342076
Sayuri Govind                                                                                                                              0313342089
Marlon Etty                                                                                                                                0313342066
Neville Kistiah                                                                                                                            0313342030


Johannesburg Office

Dawn Subramoney                                                                                                                     0115952213
Nesisa Mbambo                                                                                                                           0115952205
Market Conduct and Complaints
Imtiaz Bacus                                                                                                                                0115952208
Nicholas Chirenje                                                                                                                   0115952229
Kastel Slabbert                                                                                                                            0115952240
Riaz Kader                                                                                                                                      0115952203


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For over 45 years, we’ve been protecting the things you’ve worked for.
The things that make you proud.

As the largest empowered short-term insurer
in South Africa
we understand, that and pride what’s important to you.

 Our Coverage

Insurance is there to protect you during your time of need. To get you back on your feet after the unexpected happens. This is where we come in.

We provide over 20 classes of insurance protection to individuals and businesses operating in the country and in the wider SADC region.

Our distribution model is centred on brokers and underwriting intermediaries, and over a 45 year period we’ve consistently delivered superior service through our wide range of cover provided, our underwriters’ expertise, and in particular our flexibility and strong client-centric ethos. This is how we differentiate ourselves.

Under this diversified portfolio of insurance, the scope of customer we cover is also wide-ranging, from individuals to sole traders, from construction contractors to goods in transit, and from corporates to wildlife specialists.

NNAC boasts a countrywide footprint, but our beginnings were more modest.

The roots of our company date back as early as 1930 when the New India Assurance Company, one of the subcontinent’s largest insurers, established a branch in Natal. Later, during the apartheid era, a group of forward-thinking black businessmen took over the ownership and running of the company, which was formally incorporated in 1971 as the New India Assurance Company of South Africa.

During the eventual transition to democracy which began to take shape from 1990 onwards, the shareholders decided to change the name to New National Assurance Company (NNAC), to reflect the changing political realities sweeping through the land and which carried with it latent economic opportunities for people of disadvantaged backgrounds.

The company has thus evolved from a regional player into a national one, capable of underwriting sizeable risks in excess of ZAR 1 bn before the need to access local and international facultative markets.

Our Roots


Our Board of Directors
are much like an African
Council of Elders; they are
there to advise, to probe, to
offer guidance and to steer.

Our Directors are drawn from diverse backgrounds, chosen not only for their wide range of corporate experience but crucially for their shared passion for the company.

In line with our corporate value system of mutual respect, rigour and loyalty, some Directors have had a long-serving association with the company although this has been balanced with the introduction of several new members to the Board, to ensure that it remains dynamic and independent.

As of 2020, the Board comprised of 3 executive and 6 non-executive members, who all collectively determine the major policies and overall strategy of NNAC.

NNAC is chaired by Mahomed (MS) Paruk, with the Managing Director being Kalim Rajab. The Board and sub-Committees meet formally a minimum of once every quarter.

team image
Mr Kalim Rajab
Managing Director
B.Bus Sci. (UCT), MBA (Oxon.)
Director since: 2008
team image
Mr Mahomed (MS) Paruk
Non-Executive Chairman
Director since:2018
team image
Mr Mahmoud Rajab
Executive Director
B.Comm. LL.B (SA)
Director since: 1985
team image
Mr Gony Pillay
Financial Director
B.Compt., B.Comm (Hons)
Director since: 2005
team image
Mr Suresh Naidoo
Non-Executive Director and Chairperson of the Audit and Risk Committee
Director since: 2016
team image
Ms Nandi Mandela
Ms Nandi Mandela: Non-Executive Director and Chairperson of Remuneration Committee
B Soc Sc (UCT) AIM (UCT)
Director since: 2014
team image
Adv Steven Budlender
Non-Executive Director
BA (Wits) LLB (Wits) LLM (NYU)
Director since: 2018
team image
Mr Bongani Mthembu
Non-Executive Director and Chairperson of Social and Ethics Committee
MA Music (Juilliard)
Director since: 2004
team image
Mr David Reeves
Non-Executive Director
Director since: 1993

Our Senior Management team is responsible
for the efficient day-to-day running of our
operations, and consists of executives from
our Durban and Johannesburg offices.

We see it as a great blend of youth and wisdom, of energy and prudence.
Together, the team has a common goal- to see NNAC expanding sustainably,
in a way where we forge ever deeper partnerships.

team image
Mr Kalim Rajab
Managing Director
B.Bus Sci. (UCT), MBA (Oxon.)
Director since: 2008
team image
Mr Gony Pillay
Financial Director
B.Compt., B.Comm (Hons)
Director since: 2005
team image
Mr Vedanth Ori
Head of UMA Management
B.Acc (Natal) LLB (Ukzn)
AA Scholarship (Munich Re)