Insurance is all around us, moving in tandem with us in our daily lives.

Nothing moves without insurance. The purpose behind it is elegantly simple – for a small amount per period, people and businesses protect themselves against a potentially crippling financial loss in the event of accidents or damage in the future.

Simple but powerful – for without this certainty, people couldn’t live their lives, businesses are constrained in their ambitions – and the economy would suffer.

We write a diverse portfolio of insurance to assist with this risk transfer.

Domestic Insurance
What’s important to you and your family, is important to us.
Commercial Insurance
Running a business involves a lot of risks and uncertainty.
Marine Insurance
It all begins with transportation.
Engineering Insurance
Our national prosperity needs world-class infrastructure.
Value Added Products Insurance
Professional Indemnity and Broadform Liability
Because even professionals make mistakes.
Get into (the) game.
Specialist Motor
Have you had no claims in the last 3 years? Then our superior product can assist.

We Protect

Need emergency car assistance after a motor accident?

No matter what time of day, or whether you’ve found yourself just north of Pofadder, if you’re with us then you’re covered.

Our exclusive roadside assistance program, New National Roadside Assist, is available on 0860 667 873 to help with tow-truck removal, flat battery assistance, and locksmith assistance.

Terms and conditions do apply. However, if your policy is written through some of our financial intermediaries, a separate roadside assistance programme may have been automatically arranged for you – this would have been detailed to you on your policy schedule when you began your cover with us and it is your duty to ascertain this information by reading your policy schedule.

The following roadside assistance programmes falls under the New National umbrella:

Underwriting Administrator Roadside and Home Assistance Cover Telephone Number
Casojee Brokers Core – Affinity Assist 0861 77 00 33
Compendium AA Assist 083 900 3355
Crescent Financial Services Core – Affinity Assist 0861 77 00 33
ESB Core – Affinity Assist 0861 77 00 33
Frontline Frontline Assist 0861 11 36 99
FSP Solutions ISOS Assist 0860 773 773
Halifax Core – Affinity Assist 0861 77 00 33
Lensure Core – Affinity Assist 0861 77 00 33
The M I Cassim Group Core – Affinity Assist 0861 77 00 33
Origen Affinity Assist 0860 6678 73
Rosehill Insurance Brokers Core – Affinity Assist 0861 77 00 33
Saleys Core – Affinity Assist 0861 77 00 33