Running a business involves a lot of risks and uncertainty.
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Fire and Allied Perils:
Physical loss or damage to insured buildings, plant, machinery, fixtures, fittings and stock; arising from fire, lightning, explosion, storm, wind, water, hail or snow and impact damage.

Office Contents:
Physical loss or damage to contents of offices and consulting rooms.

Loss or Damage to money at the insured business premises or whilst in transit.

Loss or damage to internal and external glass at the insured business premises.

Accidental Damage:
Accidental physical loss or damage to property at the insured premises arising from losses not otherwise insured.

Buildings Combined:
Physical loss or damage to building/s (usually less hazardous buildings e.g. flats, offices, schools, etc). arising from those perils mentioned under the Fire and Allied Perils policy; also including cover for loss of rent and property owners liability.

Business Interruption:
Loss following the interruption of business as a result of physical loss or damage insured under a material damage policy e.g. Fire and Allied Perils.

Accounts Receivable:
Uncollectable debit balances as a result of destruction of records and cost for reinstating records; arising from loss or damage as a result of accident or misfortune.

Loss or damage to contents within the building of the insured business premises, accompanied by forcible and violent entry into or exit from such building as a result of theft or attempt thereat following violence or threat of violence.

Goods in Transit:
Loss or damage while in transit to goods incidental to the insured business during the course of collection and or delivery.

Business All Risks:
Loss or damage to specified property (usually portable property e.g. laptops, tools, etc).

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