Get into (the) game.

Breeding, buying and selling game in South Africa is big business, and as with most big business, it carries big risk.

When a single animal is worth millions of rands, then sickness or disease, capture, transport or other mortality risks can wreak havoc with a farmer, breeder or investor’s finances unless properly managed.

This is where NNAC’s wildlife agency comes in. RGA’s Wildlife Insure has been developed by industry experts over the past decade to be among the most flexible and comprehensive all risks mortality rare game insurance products available in the country.

When marketed alongside RGA’s specialist hospitality range of products, Wildlife Insure offers brokers a unique opportunity to provide specialist cover.

Wildlife Insure covers four main types of cover:

  • Capture
  • Transport
  • Post Release Stress
  • All Risks Mortality/Farm Cover

The bespoke hospitality cover includes:

  • Innguard for hotels and conference centres
  • Guestguard for Bed and Breakfasts (B&Bs)
  • Gameguard for game farms and game lodges
  • Dineguard for restaurants
  • Greenguard for golf courses and bowling clubs
  • Buildguard which is an additional extension for lodges and restaurants under construction.

This portfolio will be in run off with NNAC from October 2017

Policy holders should direct all queries to

Zach Moolman